Monday, December 8, 2014

Looking back - 2014

Project TLC had grand plans for 2014. God had other plans, mostly.

We had plans in place to bring a group of Crimean orphanage directors, caregivers and social workers to the USA for a two week educational seminar at a world reknowned special needs center. This plan fell apart when we lost access to Crimea early in the spring. Heartbreaking! How disappointed we were that they would not get to experience how early intervention, education and inclusion can enrich their communities and improve the lives of their children.

We had plans to help a very sick boy get the medical care he desperately needed. All the funds were in place. The doctors were willing. The doctors were waiting. Our plan fell apart when his village exploded in the turmoil of a war. So frustrating.

We have periodically shared information about children who are available for adoption. Adoption, while not always possible for every child we serve, is the best hope for an orphaned child to reach his or her potential. It's a reflection of our own adoption into the Kingdom of God. It's redemption.

We had plans to continue caring for children at a mental institution by sending volunteers to spend time with them daily. Despite some challenges, this program was successful and continues to improve! We see incereased communication skills, increased coping skills, and happier kids. They are getting what they were programmed to Several generous monthly sponsors have so far funded this program by 50%.

While not all of our plans for 2014 were successful, not all bore fruit. However, we are encouraged by new connections and new possibilities for the coming year. We will share more about that soon. In the meantime, will you pray for us...and with us?

Yes, we needs funds. Yes, we need volunteers. But truly, the greatest way you can help is by going to our Father God in prayer. Lift up the children, that they might have hope in Him...the volunteers, that they might have strength for the task...the orphanage workers and officials, that they might have soft hearts and open minds...for the Project TLC board, as we determine our upcoming projects. Most of all, pray for the people of Ukraine during these difficult days of war.

Our Father does not NEED us to do anything for Him. He does not NEED us to come to Him. But it gives Him joy, He lets us participate in His plans, and it changes things. Prayer helps! We feel your prayers, so please keep them coming as we make priorities for the coming year.

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