Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dmitry...sweet boy...

We have some difficult news to share with you today. Project TLC was so encouraged last spring to have a team of doctors in Kyiv and funding in place to evaluate sweet Dmitry for surgery. He needed this surgery years ago. In the USA he would likely have had this lifesaving surgery shortly after birth.

Because he didn't get timely medical care, the pressure in Dmitry's head has caused it to grow dramatically. Orphanage doctors tried to tell us that his condition had compensated, meaning the fluid had begun to drain and his head wasn't getting worse. Recent photos and visits have indicated this may not be true. He is getting worse. He is losing skills and the ability to move around.

And worse, after months of trying to coordinate care for him, we have been assured that Dmitry will not be allowed to travel to Kyiv for medical evaluation and possible surgery. The funds pledged for his medical care are not available for any other purpose.

But...the good news...he still has hope.

After being evacuated from a region affected by war, Dmitry was unable to be adopted since traveling to the capital of his birth region for paperwork and passport applications was impossibly dangerous. All his paperwork was in order, it was just too dangerous to try to obtain required new travel documents once the adoption was complete.

A new official procedure is in place now and he can be adopted at any time! This is great news, and honestly, we believe it is his ONLY hope for survival. It is a miracle that Dmitry has lived as well as he has lived for as long as he has lived. A miracle that he has learned to talk and to laugh. I cannot believe that God has preserved his life for no reason.

Have you considered adding a child like Dmitry to your family? A child with special needs that has no hope otherwise? He has the potential to be a great blessing to the right family! How can we encourage you? Contact us at for more information.

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