Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I'm so pleased to share with you our most recent reports from our caregivers. Please remember, this is a "closed" facility, so the fact that we are able to minister there at all is a true miracle!

Sveta writes: 
"Praise God for strength and patience. These days we were without weekends 
because there was a lack of workers these vacation time. So we were asked to 
help. Children are so happy to meet us. Every day we walk them outside, jump on 
a trampoline, rock on a swing, having really good time. Kids look good. We've 
noticed less aggression from them. Almost no fits. We see things improving 
little by little. Thank you for your prayers. Be blessed." 
Natasha writes: 
"Each day we have our daily duties with kids. When you see happy eyes of the 
kids you understand how great is God's love that comes to them from us. The Lord 
fills our hearts with love for them. A short story. Today (Aug.30) I was able to 
visit group #7 which is kids from 14-18 yo. They were so happy like it was a 
celebration. We fellowshipped, walked outside, talked with them. They understand 
us and we understand them. Thank you for prayers. Amen." 

As the Project TLC ladies have worked to become accepted and trusted by the teachers and caregivers of the institution, they are able to visit additional groups of children. Eventually, we would like them working with the children in the laying room, but that is not yet possible. Baby steps. 
Please pray for these ladies as they provide a Christian presence to a facility smack dab in the middle of a Muslim village. They experience spiritual attacks, jealousies, and difficulties that we cannot imagine. Pray for the children that they would come to know and trust Jesus, even in the midst of 
their suffering.

And please, if you are not already supporting Project TLC, consider a modest monthly gift to our care giving ministry. We are not yet fully funded. I'm still holding on to these little ladies! When we reach the $500 mark I'll be drawing a name to receive this pretty little matryoshka doll set.

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