Friday, June 22, 2012

News - at long last!

We have been very busy for the past few months!

Intern Amy has been a real worker bee, researching, phone calling, emailing, hobnobbing, paper writing, and much, much more. We have been conferencing and planning and yes...scheming!

A plan is coming together. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? A plan to directly help disabled orphans in Ukraine. I wish I could share more details with you, because it is very exciting to imagine the possibilities! But, we have yet to secure the approvals that we need to begin our pilot program.

Please pray that the correct route to approval and implementation would be made abundantly clear to us and that hearts would be touched and softened along the way.

In other news, Project TLC has been invited to return to the institution in Crimea. We are putting together a small team for a trip tentatively set for October 2012. This time we will be permitted to work with the children, praise God!

We are taking baby steps. Will you take them with us?