Saturday, February 2, 2013

TLC Pals

Are you ready for TLC Pals?

We have a deep love for orphans, and have desired to be and do more than donate diapers and formula. The children certainly need these things and more, but what will make a true difference in their lives? Relationships.

We are offering an opportunity for you to give to a child in an give of yourself that is. Become a TLC Pal and exchange monthly letters with an at-risk child. These kids are at-risk for several possible reasons. Perhaps they have run away from their orphanage. They may have been removed from an abusive family. We do not know their stories yet, but we do know that they need positive relationships and encouragement...from anywhere.

We are starting small. Twelve children, out of a group of twenty eight, have requested a TLC Pal. Three girls and nine boys from the ages of 7 to 16. Think of this as a mini-sponsorship!


1. As a TLC Pal, you will write to your child at least once a month, then send the letter to Project TLC by the 15th of the month. We will send the letters over in one group, to be translated and delivered. The letters will be translated by a delightful young man, Valeriy, who himself grew up in orphanages since the age of four.

2. We ask that you make a one year commitment to this project. These are children who have often been disappointed. We do not wish to add to their pain.

3. Speaking of disappointment, don't make any promises other than to write again next month.

4. Please include $1 gratuity for our awesome translator each month. Not only has he offered to do this for free (we won't allow that), he has offered to help some of the children who need help writing their letters. Valeriy has a tender heart for these kids.

Email to become a TLC Pal to an at-risk child in Ukraine. We have twelve children anxiously awaiting your letters!