Saturday, June 7, 2014

T's for Orphans

In our effort to care for orphans, we have been presented with an opportunity to support families that are preparing to adopt. For the next three weeks, we will be offering our Adoption/Redemption shirt to benefit two families in URGENT need of funding. Oh, and want to win a $50 iTunes gift card? Read ALL the way to the bottom!

The McDonald Family

The McDonald family adopted their son, Toby Jr., from Ukraine in the summer of 2010. Toby and Suzanne originally set out to adopt domestically this time, but God had other plans for them. After many heartbreaking months looking for the child that would thrive in their family, and through an an encounter surely orchestrated by God, they became aware of a little boy with Down Syndrome in Bulgaria. The pieces started to fall into place...quickly! Several thousand dollars of their total remaining need is due very soon. Be a part of the miracle that in in store for this amazing family!!

Total remaining need: $20,000

The Kunkle Family

The Kunkle family is heading to Ukraine very, very soon for their adoption appointment. Originally, Dale and Buffey committed to adopt a pretty little girl with dark hair and eyes. The girl was mysteriously transferred to a different region and adopted by another family soon after. In the midst of their heartbreak, they decided to put their full faith in God to choose a child for them and will be traveling to accept a blind referral. Since they no longer have a face or photos to share, fundraising has been difficult. With only two weeks left to raise the remaining funds, this family URGENTLY needs our prayers and financial gifts!!

Total remaining need: $7,000

NOW, the shirts....
We are offering our Adoption/Redemption shirts in FOUR colors! $25 each includes shipping. You may choose from:

Royal Redemption Blue

Take Me Home Tangerine (adult sizes)

Pick Me! Pink (same graphic as above)

Gotcha Day Gray (also with Adoption/Redemption graphic)

To order, please fill out our online form. If you have any difficulty, please email us at

Wanna win a $50 iTunes gift card?

Please, we ask you to share about these families and their URGENT need on your blog, on Facebook, on Twitter and wherever else you have a voice.

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For each FB share and blog link confirmed below we will enter your name in the drawing to take place on June 30. Thank you, friends!


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