Thursday, June 19, 2014

Program Update

It finally feels like summer, so let's have a program update!

Supporting adopting families is new for us, but something to which we couldn't say no! It's extremely painful to watch families in urgent funding situations. When a child's life is on the line, failure is not an option.

We will be taking t-shirt orders for the next 11 days to benefit two families. If this effort is well received, we will consider a quarterly t-shirt drive to benefit families. Please, help us make this a success!! The more shirts we sell, the larger the cut that our families will receive. We hope to contribute up to $17 per shirt. Order yours HERE. 

Little Dmitry is still waiting for his surgery. His region has been plagued by violence and unrest for months. There is no end in sight. Other options are possible and being pursued, however. The funds raised for his surgery will be held in trust until he is helped, or until we learn that it is no longer possible to help him. 

Our caregivers are doing great! The ministry to the children continues with great success. The ladies are being given more stable working hours and conditions. The children are progressing and love the additional care. It is a privilege to shine the light of Jesus on their needs. This is an ongoing work to save lives and souls.

We raised nearly $500 for our care-giving program with our recent Ukrainian chocolate fundraiser. With a monthly budgeted need of $440 though, we need to find regular monthly sponsors to keep the program afloat. Failure here is not an option. Contact us at if you could commit to a small monthly gift for our care-giving program.

Opportunities for expanding our care-giver program into new facilities have been presented to us. As funding stabilizes, we hope to share these opportunities with you.

Thank you for following and praying for the work of Project TLC. 

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