Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dmitry needs our help!

While in Ukraine last month, I received a message with a photo attached:

"Would it be possible to find a family to adopt a child in this condition?"

I was in total shock. How is this child still alive? Three years ago, some very committed and loving people I know tried to help Dmitry receive treatment for hydrocephalus. One family even attempted to adopt him. 

I will never understand why children must suffer so. The doctors in his region refused to operate on him. His biological mother refused to allow him to be adopted. All efforts failed and he was reported to have died. Untreated hydrocephalus is a horrible way to die.

But apparently, he did not die after all! In fact, I was able to find a family who recently visited his facility and interacted with him! They reported that he is full of life and hope, playing peek-a-boo and laughing and squealing with delight.

Yes, I believe we could find a family to adopt such a child, but that takes months and nothing is certain except Dmitry needs medical attention and right away. I set out to find a way to get him the care that he needs. Over the past month, doctors in Kyiv and doctors in his region have cooperated to come up with a plan. Finally, we have a plan and a cost estimate. Yesterday, I received this from the good doctor:

Now he need assessment and evaluation by pediatric neurosurgeon in Kiev clinic.
 The approximate costs of visit to Kiev : 500$
 Train tickets for accompanying person and child: 100$
 Taxi and food: 50$
 Analysis and tests: 150$
 Medicines : 100$
 Assistance : 100$

 Approximate cost of surgery: 2600$
 Equipments( surgical kits): 500$
 Medicines : 400$
 Food: 200$
 Hospital stay (room): free
 Surgeons blessing (fees) : 1200$
 Assistance : 300$
 Total : 3100$

We would like to raise this $3100 in the next week and get this child the care that he deserved to have 3 1/2 years ago. The surgery will be done immediately after the evaluation, if needed, so we do need to raise the entire amount. You may donate by paypal at the link below, or email me for instructions on where to send a check. We are so grateful for your prayers and concern for sweet Dmitry!

6PM UPDATE - I just removed the "donate" button for Dmitry because his surgery is funded!! Thank you all!! 


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