Monday, March 24, 2014

Caregivers Chocolate Drive

Our recent visit to Ukraine took place during a very turbulent time. Massive protests, threats of violence, opportunities for hooliganism and fear were the topics of many conversations. The political scene was changing fast, too fast to keep up.

In the photo, we prepared to have our vehicle searched at a check point outside of Kyiv. 

Within days of our departure, unidentified, presumably Russian, soldiers took control of the whole of Crimea. Orphans who were previously available for adoption are not available. Some adoptions in process were halted. Their future is uncertain. The future of all the Ukrainian orphans is always.

One thing that is certain is our commitment to the children. They need us more than ever. 

On the heels of our miraculous fundraiser for Dmitry yesterday, we would like to turn our attention back to our caregivers. The patience and love they show to a grouppa of hard-to-handle boys is honestly priceless, but we do need help to continue supporting their work.

Thank goodness I had space in my suitcase to bring back a nice selection of Ukrainian chocolate. And, I have successfully avoided the temptation to gobble it all up. Now, this chocolate will be used to care for the children we love!

Do you want some? Trust me, you do! For a gift of $25 to Project TLC caregivers fund, we will send you the Ukrainian chocolate bar of your choice. First come, first pick! For a gift of $50 or more, you may choose one of three types of boxed chocolates. We will continue until we run out! 

So take a look at what we have to offer...and thank you for loving these wonderful boys.

Milk chocolate truffles, 145g, two available. Yes, Valentine chocolates, but not outdated.

Ukraine souvenir chocolates, total 160g, ONE available! Almost too pretty to eat! 

Corona Venetian Night - chocolates with whole hazelnuts. 210g, ALL GONE!!

Olenka milk chocolate bar, 35% cocoa. Stephanie's favorite! 100g, three left! 

Dreamy white air chocolate! 100g, ONE available. 

Milk chocolate air chocolate. 100g, one available. (The other was damaged on the flight home. Boo!)

Milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts. 100g, one available.

Classic milk chocolate. 100g, one available.

Extra dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts. 100g, one available.

Milk chocolate with chopped hazelnuts. 100g, one available.

Dark chocolate air chocolate. 100g, three available.

Milk chocolate with biscuit drops (cookies!). 100g, one available.

White chocolate with biscuit drops (cookies!!). 100g, one available.

White chocolate with chopped hazelnuts and cranberries. 100g, one available.

Interesting! Milk chocolate with roasted sesame seeds. 100g, one available.

Korona brand milk chocolate. 100g. six available.

Korona brand dark chocolate. 100g, four available.

Use the donate button below to send your Chocolate Drive gift. Include your first and second choice and shipping address. Thank you!!



Emily Messer said...

What a sweet deal! I donated, but didn't include my chocolate wish list :) My top two choices are the Roshen Aerated Dark Chocolate or the Korona Dark Chocolate!

Amy Williams said...

Just donated. Hope it helps and blesses the caregivers. They are the hands and feet! Looking forward to hearing more about Dmitry's upcoming surgery. He is so precious. Thank for coordinating this much-needed ministry.

Lea Ozturk said...

Good idea:) I just met a girl who is traveling back home to help the kids there:) I was eating some Thai food at a restaurant in Blue Springs and she just showed up selling earrings and bracelets:) I would love to help more all I gave her was small amount but I hope it helps:).

Lea Ozturk said...

This a great idea praying for more help for you:)