Sunday, June 23, 2013

While we are waiting...

We seem to be waiting a lot these days! We are waiting on letters to finally arrive from our pen pals in Ukraine. I've not given up hope yet that we can make this work.

We are also waiting on an update on our care giving program at the children's asylum in Ukraine. We will have ministry partners visiting the facility this month, so we should hear more this month.

So, as Mr. Rogers used to say, let's think of something to do while we're waiting!

We are preparing for our Wichita area cupcake competition, Cupcakes for a Cause - TLC Edition, which will be September 7th.

Not everyone knows about the desperate condition of disabled orphans in Eastern Europe, but everyone LOVES cupcakes! Right?! We really enjoy the opportunity to put on a fun event for the community and raise funds for our special kids at the same time. Funds raised at this event will serve to continue and expand our care giving program over the course of the next year.

New this year, entrants will receive an event t-shirt and goody bag! Also, our guests will vote by ballot instead of cash in the bucket. This will prevent teams from "buying" a win. Tickets for the event will be sold in advance for $7.00, or $10 at the door on the day of the event. Professional and amateur registration is $25 per team and includes 2 event tickets. Your registration fee will be REFUNDED to you if you sell 10 event tickets in advance! Ad space on our t-shirts and goody bags is available. More details coming soon.

Now, here is where I need input...

We can serve full size cupcakes again this year, and each guest will be entitled to sample three cupcakes. However, if we serve mini-cupcakes, our guests will have the opportunity to taste TWELVE cupcakes per ticket purchased. Obviously, our guests will be able to better judge if they get to taste more different entries. So what do you say? As a guest, which would you prefer? As a contestant?

Tickets go on sale and registration will open mid-July. We would love for you to join us!

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Anonymous said...

MINI CUPCAKES, definitely. Most people
have the mindset that "more is better."; plus less messy and easier for children to eat.