Friday, June 28, 2013

Update from Caregivers!

I always love to get updates from our care giving program. It's a great feeling to think that you might be making a little bit of a difference for the kids. The update I received yesterday is really encouraging...and heartbreaking at the same time. 

Our volunteers are busy working with children daily. They are not always able to do all the things that they would like, like playing with children who have a tendency to get over excited, but they are welcome in the facility and that is a great start!

We know that the regular caregivers are overworked and under appreciated. One group of twelve children has only one caregiver assigned, so an extra pair of hands is gratefully accepted. Sometimes the children are treated roughly, and our volunteers have had the opportunity to come to their defense.

The children are very excited to see our volunteers, who treat them tenderly and try to communicate with them. This has made a tremendous difference in their lives in just a short time. Even more encouraging is the fact that we are seeing a shift in the attitude of the caregivers! They are speaking to the children with more kindness and the rough handling is diminishing. 

In light of this update, we would like to expand this program and add more volunteers. I plan to visit with these ladies in the fall and try to get some photos. This is a closed facility, so we must take little, tiny baby steps. 

Each little step is a mini-miracle and we are so grateful to God for making a way for us to help the kids here. He wishes for each of them to have life, and to have it abundantly! Thank you for joining us to help make this happen.


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Jill said...

Great news, Stephanie! Praise God!