Saturday, August 25, 2012

Roof Update

Last week I requested some more information about the roofing project at the children's mental institution in Crimea. I now have a little more information to share with you.

According to our contact person, "So, after I talked with the director here is what she told me. They are planning to do the roof this summer and fall (right now!!) as soon as they can before rains come. Sounds like they are determined to do that. She said they are looking for money everywhere they can. And she is getting a bit here a bit there. One businessman offered them some, a town authorities some. She is very thankful for anything she can find. What is happening with the roof? I understand they had one type of cover there based on tar but it wasn't good. So now they are replacing it with concrete wavy material you can see in Ukraine used allover. Also some bearing elements of the roof have to be replaced. That's the situation there."

 Now we understand that there are some structural repairs that need to be made in addition to the roof covering. I won't make any apologies about raising funds for this purpose. The children there need a warm, dry and SAFE place to call home. Project TLC will continue to meet the basic needs of these precious and worthy children as we are able.

Let us make a big dent in the funds that are needed to complete this job! Thanks for coming alongside us!

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