Monday, August 20, 2012

The roof over their heads

We were so excited to be able to replace some windows for the children's mental institution in Crimea last winter. When we agreed to purchase these windows, since we couldn't replace them all, we requested that priority be given to the most vulnerable children, the ones confined to bed in laying rooms. The rooms to which my son, Theo, would have been transferred if we had not adopted him in time.

Almost immediately after the windows were installed, record breaking cold weather took hold of Eastern Europe for many, many weeks. Temperatures dropped to -35F and hundreds of people died. How satisfying to know that those children were more comfortable than they might have been without you help!

Project TLC has inquired with this same facility about their present needs. The response was surprising. Even though we are aware that many more windows are falling apart, the director has requested assistance with roof repairs as the first priority.

Eastern European orphanage directors are not all cut from the same cloth. This director does not have new windows in her office...this is just one way we have been able to determine that she places value on the needs of the children in her care.

We have some money reserved to send diapers, soap and cleaning supplies and special formula, which were also requested. However, we are starting from scratch to raise the $20,000 needed to repair the roof.

Chloe, Zhen, Theo, Carrington...they would have all been transferred to this facility if they had not been adopted in time. We want to care for the children who did get transferred...the ones who were not and may never be chosen to join a family. Help us show these children and the director of this facility they are worthy of our care and concern! Thank you!

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