Friday, January 2, 2015

Plea for Nastya

It is enough of a tragedy to be an orphan, and to be keenly aware of it. It is a whole different thing to be fooled into thinking that someone wanted you. To be rejected again.

Seven year old Nastya was recently visited by a family. The family accepted her referral. They visited her, got to know her. She got to know them. They returned home for the holidays and changed their mind. The reason given...not cute enough. Maybe other factors came into play. While the reason given is shocking, we do not wish to demonize the family. Adoption is hard enough and sometimes scary...the bottom line is this:

She thinks they are coming back for her.

My heart is breaking for her, wondering how she will feel when she is told the news...or maybe no one will tell her...I don't know. It would be a Christmas miracle for a serious and ready-to-go family to make this beautiful girl one of the family.

Watch her recitation!

Please share so that we might help locate a qualified family for Nastya. Email for more information.

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