Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Windows!

We received word recently that the new energy efficient windows for the mental institution have been installed! We were sent some wonderful photos, too. Take a look:

Here you see one side of one wing of the building. We took this photo in November. You will notice that there are a few newer windows already installed, the white ones. The brown windows are around 60 years old.

The brown wooden windows are rotted and missing pieces here and there. We were told that some of the windows we replaced were literally falling out of the building.

Here are the beautiful new windows delivered and waiting for installation.

First things first. Demolition! The children in this room were moved to a different area for the day.

That is a BIG window! Those are some thick concrete walls!

Fitting the beautiful new windows.

Proud of a job well done!
As the job was being finished, some brutally cold weather set in, record breaking cold weather. These windows were installed just in time. There is some concrete work that would have to wait until warmer weather. 

Thank you for partnering with Project TLC to help the bedridden and disabled orphans to stay warm this winter.


Jill said...

That is so awesome they got the windows in before the really cold weather hit. I was wondering about that. Thanks for the updates! :-)

Jolene said...

It makes my heart skip a beat to see what you have been able to do for these kids! We are so grateful!!!

Anonymous said...

a very awesome project, congratulations to your team for bringing more comfort to the orphans.