Tuesday, January 17, 2012

See ya in Crimea?

Do you feel the need to give of yourself? Share your faith? Love the unloved?

Do you want to learn about the struggles that orphans in Ukraine face? Do you want to build long-term relationships with our brothers and sisters working there?

As soon as Project TLC began last year, I started receiving messages and emails from people who were interested in serving on a mission trip to Ukraine. At that time we didn't have programs or partnerships in place to discuss mission trips. Well, the time to talk and plan is suddenly upon us!

I am very pleased that the Lord has seen fit to connect Project TLC with The Least of These. If you have never heard of this ministry, I would encourage you to visit their website and do some digging. (Check out the team member testimonials!) I can't say enough nice things about this ministry and the people behind it. They were very hospitable and helpful to Project TLC, assisting us with many of the logistics for our Fall 2011 trip.

I'd like to invite you to experience serving in Ukraine this summer with Project TLC and The Least of These. It is a win-win situation...life changing for you and the children you will reach. More info HERE.

If you wish to serve in Ukraine this summer with The Least of These and Project TLC, it is very important to make your decision and start raising your funds very soon The 2012 UEFA European Football Championship,commonly referred to as Euro 2012 will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine between June 8 and July 1, 2012. It's a BIG deal in Ukraine and you'll want to have travel arrangements in place as soon as possible.

For more information email projectTLC@cox.net or tlot@theleastofthese.org.

See ya in Crimea? Can't wait!

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Hi~I'm Alysha said...

putting this on my prayer list NOW. If it's not meant for me to go our family would love to be a part of supporting someone else to be able to do so.