Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quick Update

Thanks to the amazing support that Project TLC has received over the past six months, the process of replacing 10-15 antiquated, drafty windows in the mental internat at Belogorsk has begun. We cannot wait to have some photos to share with you!

Project TLC has also been given the go-ahead to provide a Christmas gift to each child residing in the Belogorsk internat. This last minute project came together quite unexpectedly and we presently have all the items we need to send. All that is left is to find the funding for the required shipping. In addition, a sweet group of youngsters has made 35 tied fleece blankets to send!

As an ongoing project, we are looking for individuals who are willing to sew bibs and sheets and/or bedspreads for the internat. We are requesting matching sets of four bedspreads. If you have sewing skills or fabric to donate, please contact Shelly at burmanshelly@yahoo.com. She has the exact dimensions and required specs.

We are so humbled to have the opportunity to serve these children in this way. Thank you for the ways that you encourage us.

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Jolene said...

You gals are AWESOME! Keep up the great work!